You don’t need to write your own plugin or pay to get a good device detection script working on your website. There are lots of great scripts you can download in a matter of minutes and have working in under an hour.

easy route

One script I use is php-mobile-detect. It’s free, easy to setup and works great on my website.

Let’s move forward with the 3 steps to killer device detection your visitors will love you for:

1. Add Device Detection to Both Sites

Go to php-mobile-detect and download the latest version.

Now that you have your hands on a killer device detection script, you can start the magic. This is what we want to happen:

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mobile web design tipsMobile web design is simply the art of designing a website that would fit smaller screens such as mobile devices. Although regular websites can be viewed on mobile devices, the fonts and images are not as visible as websites specifically designed for mobile.

By 2013, more and more people will be using mobile phones than their pc to access information on the Internet. Therefore, it is crucial for any business that benefits on the Internet to build a website designed for mobile devices.

6 Mobile Web Design Tips

Mobile Web Design Tip Number 1
It should load fast and it should be easy to read on mobile screens. – Mobile users use their mobile phones to access basic information because they want that information in as fast as they can. According to a study made by Compuware about “What Users Want from Their Mobile Site” 60% of mobile users expect a web page to load in 3 seconds or less and they can only wait for a maximum of 5 seconds. If it’s going to take longer than that, they leave the website and open up another site.

  • Compress images for your mobile website to load faster and use bullet points for easy reading.

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what is sms marketingBusiness experts are predicting that by 2013, more and more people will be using their mobile devices than their desktops. And by 2015, each person on earth will have a mobile device (Gartner, 2010; Google Mobile Optimization Webinar, 2011; Cisco, 2011). SMS marketing is becoming popular as the use of mobile devices continues to grow.

So what is SMS marketing and how does it work?

SMS means Short Message Service, otherwise known as text messaging. SMS marketing is the process of spreading a marketing message via text messages. An SMS marketing campaign involves the following steps:

  1. A mobile user receives a message that informs him or her about some benefits that he or she would receive upon texting a series of numbers or words. For example: Text Hawaii to 92843 for a chance to win a free trip to Honolulu.
  2. The user then sends a text message with the word Hawaii to 92843.
  3. That message is received by an SMS marketing company like AvidMobile who uses software to store the sender’s mobile phone number and automatically sends an acknowledgement message back to the sender.
  4. The list of mobile phone numbers are then to be used to announce the winner in the future and for another SMS marketing campaign.

An SMS marketing campaign works similarly as email marketing in which the goal is to collect contact information for future promos, events, or news. Since users take their mobile phones anywhere, a message is sure to reach its audience. And since an SMS message is short, there is a better chance that it will be read than a message sent through an email. [click to continue…]

The statistics are mind boggling! Mobile data usage will reach 120 billion gigabyte by 2017, according to ABI Research, with consumers using twice as much mobile data. The beauty is it will continue to grow year after year.

Let’s check out this annual report published by Comscore recently about the growing trend in mobile Internet usage:

mobile internet usage

Why is it important for us? Why do I keep on gathering statistics about mobile data usage? I know that I have just published another mobile web usage article recently and this may sound like repetition but these mobile stats can help us make sales! There is a HUGE opportunity out there for us to capitalize on the need to get each and every businesses website mobile. Also make sure to check out this amazing lead generation tool that I have been using.

Mobile Data Usage for the Retail Industry

Let’s take a look at the retail industry. Do you know that more than half of U.S smartphone users are using their phone to shop while inside a retail store (Comscore Mobile Future in Focus). What does it mean to retailers? [click to continue…]

sitemap toolI’m not going to talk about what a sitemap is and why you need one. Some experts don’t believe in its importance but I listen to Google and they seem to like sitemaps (it has its own tab in Google’s Webmaster Tools!). And while we can hate Google for seemingly dictating what we need to do and what we can’t do, we have to accept that they dominate the land of Internet search. Let’s just say that they can take your website out of business at any time or they can take it to heights.

Google does not require you to make a sitemap but they do recommend it to website owners in order to help their robots learn about your pages and discover what they may have missed. In my opinion, it actually makes sense to make a sitemap and regularly submit it to Google. It is known to all of us that the Googlebot crawls the web by following links from one page to another. So if you have pages, and I’m sure you have, that are not linked properly or contain no link at all then there’s a chance that the bot may have missed it after it was published months or years ago. [click to continue…]

free html editorEditing mobile websites shouldn’t have to cost money. Recently I have been hunting around for free HTML editors and free WYSIWYG HTML editors. I decided to compile a list and divide it into two parts.

The first one is a list of free WYSIWYG HTML editors which are ideal for someone who decides to create a website but really doesn’t know how to or has any coding experience. WYSIWYG editors are computer programs that allow you to create web pages without any technical knowledge needed. Whatever you see on your screen is how your webpage is going to be displayed after you publish it. What You See Is What You Get.

The second part is a list of free HTML editors which are perfect for professional designers. They make a living out of creating websites for others. They need to know HTML and CSS by heart in order to produce the desired result. As much as they use HTML editors, they also use WYSIWYG editors to create web pages because some designers (like myself) enjoy looking at how the website will look. Looking at code all day is boring.


KompoZer is a free WYSIWYG html editor. It’s an open source program that complies with the W3C’s standard and your pages are created according to HTML 4.01 and strict CSS for styling. [click to continue…]

Recently I was surfing around the internet looking at who knows what and I came across this free website monitoring tool. It was free so I thought that I’d give it a shot. What it does is check to see if your site is up and running every 5 minutes. If it doesn’t get a response it will check again for the next 3 minutes and then send an alert (if it’s offline).

—> Free Website Monitor Tool

I tested the monitoring tool with one of my websites and it worked great! I simply took my website offline by adding a XX to the domain name and waited 8 minutes. I setup my email and mobile phone to get alerts. You can also have it alert twitter. After 8 minutes I received the “website down” message. For a free tool I thought it was fantastic so I added a bunch of my other sites. I also setup my all my clients websites. You can add up to 50 URL’s for each account. Add this monitor to your toolbox and check out my resources page to see other useful tools I use.

Watch the Video to Setup Your Website Monitor

Hope you enjoy this one and comment below if you have any trouble.

mobile web usageYou might say it’s too early for 2013 predictions. But did you know that July is the month when the retail industry starts to plan their Christmas season. They also start to look at what they will do in the forthcoming year depending on how big or small their business is (develop budgets, plan projects, set goals, ect..).

In March of 2012, experts predicted how mobile web usage will impact the way how we do business in the future, and it’s going to be big people so get ready!

In a Westminster eForum event (participated by David Dyson, CEO of Three UK, Ian Carrington of Google, Paul Morris of Vodafone, and many other experts) they presented some Internet stats to show that mobile Internet usage is increasing fast. Also there was a study released by Pew Research Center indicating that more and more consumers are using their cellphones to access the Internet.

Let’s take a look at the Internet stats discussed on the Westminster eForum event and the study released by Pew Research Center for mobile web usage.

  1. A sale coming from mobile phones on eBay comes every 2 seconds.
  2. Smartphone sales have become bigger than PC sales. [click to continue…]

mobile driving directionsHaving a mobile friendly website in the past was a simple perk that added value to consumers who were always on the go. Today business owners can no longer ignore the fact that we are now becoming a mobile world and it’s important that their presence is clearly visible anywhere and on anything.

Just recently Limelight Networks made a study and concluded that 80% of customers abandon a mobile website when they encounter difficulty navigating it. And since more and more sales are generated through the use of mobile devices, it’s a great loss for businesses who underestimate the importance of getting a mobile friendly website.

But enough with the stats and let’s get to what you can do to create a better mobile website. Whether you have a site or not, make sure to read the tips below! [click to continue…]

mobile driving directionsYou want to add driving directions to your website? Not a problem! You can simply make the address in your mobile site a link that pulls up a map but another way is to insert a directions field that one types their address into. They then hit submit and a mobile map is pulled up giving them directions from their location. It’s so easy to implement and looks super cool.
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