Selling Mobile Sites in 30 Seconds

Mobile is hot right now and if you are a web designer or offline marketer you should be selling mobile sites to your clients. The difficult part is coming up with a demo and then tracking to see if that prospect viewed your work. When I first started selling mobile sites I sent out hundreds of blind emails with a screenshot of what my mobile site demo looked like. I got a few bites but the problem was that I really didn’t know if that prospect viewed my demo.

IMPORTANT TIP: Following up while your product is fresh in your prospects mind is crucial. If you can see once they open up your demo and then contact them you have better chance of closing that deal.

Check out this video to see an amazing tool that does this all! Check out the tool here!

After tons of emails sent and not many responses I was determined to find the best tool I could for this. The problem was that one didn’t exist! So I ventured out and started to brainstorm one that I could create. I thought of features that I wanted in a tool and made a really long list. Since I LOVE wordpress I wanted this tool to be a plugin that was super easy to use. The result was WPMobileSalesPro.

It took a year (yes a full year) to create it. I tested it and had beta testers use the tool. The results were amazing! They were loving it and seeing results. The process is simple:

  1. You enter you information in the WP admin panel for the plugin.
  2. Then you simply grab the link and send it to your prospect.
  3. You’ll then know when they view it (because the plugin has email tracking) and then you contact them.
  4. Once they are ready to buy, you click a few buttons in the admin panel and turn on the payment buttons.
  5. They easily purchase your mobile site and you have a happy client!

The results have been amazing and the important thing is that you start using a tool today to sell mobile sites. The statistics are incredible and most small businesses do not have a mobile website. You can easily charge $500 for a slim 5 page site and then up-sell them other services. Each client could bring you $1000′s of dollars! The best part is that there are people doing this already so you know it’s working but the market isn’t saturated yet so there is still time to make a killing!

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