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A Genius Way to Sell Mobile Sites (or anything web related)

by Steve

I’m always looking for new ways to get clients. Aren’t we all? I don’t enjoy selling but do enjoy finding creative ways to make selling fun! Recently I found this cool idea on an internet marketing forum I belong to (I can’t take all the credit for this one).

*This tactic can be paired with selling any online services.

The Idea (Genius I tell you)

Selling mobile sites isn’t the easiest thing. Even though it is going to be the next big thing a lot of small business owners still don’t see a need for one. But that’s ok. We just have to be creative when selling mobile sites.

The idea is to use Google Engage. Engage is a program that any marketing or web agency can sign up for (if you’re not then try to state somewhere in your site that you offer marketing services). And the best part is that it’s free! The program will train you how to use Adwords and they will give you FREE vouchers for your clients (in the US it’s $100 in Free Adwords).

Check it out here:

To find your countries program type, google engage your country name, in a google search.

Wait, how can I use this for selling mobile sites?

Since you’re now equipped with your Adwords training and free vouchers you can sell them a lead generation mobile site. How much better does that sound then selling them just a plain mobile site?! So you should do the following:

  1. Sign up for Engage. Take a few days and go through the material. It will be worth it in the end.
  2. Create a Lead Generation Mobile Site package for your clients and make a nice shiny web page and flyer. Make sure the Free Adwords $$$ stands out!
  3. Contact companies and sell them on a mobile site to bring in leads. Inform them that you’re going to set them up with a mobile site and a lead generation campaign that will bring them business.

*A great idea just popped into my head! Sorry I tend to write how I think. Crazy and all over the place. :) Their lead generation mobile site can even be a squeeze page meant to capture email addresses. Google doesn’t allow using regular squeeze pages with Adwords but be creative with integrating the sign up form into the mobile site. This method can basically be used for any business online and offline!

What if I don’t design mobile sites?

No problem. This can be used with a lot of different businesses. It’s such a great skill to have and with the Free Adwords voucher it’s hard for any business to say no. They are already familiar with Google so giving them a free “Google” voucher will make your company look hot.

If you are a:

  • SEO Company: Use the Google Voucher to show them how to get paid traffic.
  • Web Company: This one is easy. Use the voucher for their new website you create.
  • Marketing/Advertising Company: Setup a new “Lead Generation” service and use the voucher as an incentive.
  • Graphic Design Company: Simply use the voucher to attract new customers. To get accepted into the Engage program you might have to say you design websites too.

Good luck and make sure to add Google Engage to your arsenal!

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