Hi! Come Read About My Journey.

Hey my name is Steve and I’m glad you stopped by. In 2011 I started the MobileWebRockstar.com to help other designers get into this exploding mobile web field. Every business needs a mobile website and creating websites for mobile devices isn’t hard to do. I also have a TON of information about the offline niche (local SEO, reputation management, ect..). I offer mobile websites, websites, local SEO and other offline services to my clients so you’ll find all of that at this site. So who am I?

I started designing websites back in the late 90′s. I was self-taught and learned basic HTML (like most of us did). I enjoyed it and thought it was really cool how my design could be seen by anyone on the web. I went to college and graduated with 2 bachelors. Yes two! One is in Marketing and the other is in Computer Science. About 6 years ago I learned WordPress and really dove into creating WP sites for clients. I’ve been doing it ever since but really have a passion for teaching.

In early 2011 I started to play around with mobile HTML and began creating websites for mobile devices. Like back in the 90′s, I was amazed at how my mobile HTML designs looked on my iPhone. It was so cool! In late 2011 I decided that I wanted to teach people about the mobile web and help grow their business. As a result, the MobileWebRockstar was born. Along the way I learned a TON of offline marketing tips and now offer that service to my clients.

Whether you’re here as someone creating a new mobile web business or a business owner, you’ll find TONS of useful information on the mobile web and offline marketing. I believe it should be painless for designers or business owners to create mobile web sites and handle their online marketing. If you’re not offering mobile or local SEO to your clients then start today. My business is taking off and I really want to help anyone looking to become successful.
Rock on!