15 FREE Mobile Icons that Rock!

15 free mobile iconsUsing mobile icons are a great way to spice up your mobile designs. The problem is that it’s hard to find the perfect icon that goes with your design or all the good ones cost money! So I decided to come up with my favorite 15 go-to icons that I have used a dozen times. They are all 32 X 32 pixels and have a transparent background. The icons are the perfect size to fit 5 of them in a row on your mobile sites. Anymore and it will look too cluttered. I usually only insert three on my sites. Follow the instructions below to insert these beauties on your mobile sites.

Using the Free Mobile Icons

  1. Download the zip folder here, 15 Free Mobile Icons.
  2. Upload the icons to your site. I keep mine in a folder called images.
  3. Insert the IMG code into your mobile site, facebook. (The a href= makes the image a link. Just replace the # with the link.)

You’ll now be rocking some kick$ss mobile icons! Enjoy and share if you like, thanks!

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