How To Trace An Email Like James Bond

Tracking email is a useful step for most small business owners. Whether you are a web designer or own an ecommerce store, at some point you will want to see if someone opened your email or if they clicked a link in the body of the message.

Recently I came across an awesome tool, Point of Mail. This tool will track when someone opens your email, open your link and even if they forward it to another person! It is the James Bond of email. :) All you have to do is sign up and simply add to the end of your email address.

Why I use Point of Mail to Track Email?

I’m a mobile web designer and one of my sales tactics is to send out email to prospects. I used to just send them blindly and hope for the best. I never knew if my messages were opened. I then found Point of Mail and tried their free trial. I was amazed to see how prospects were treating my emails. I discovered that around 50% opened my email. A lot of my messages were forwarded to other people, which I found interesting.

Why is this important?

You need to track your email because the tracking results will determine what follow up email you send. If that sounds confusing I’ll give you a simple example:

  1. Steve sends out an email to a dentist for a mobile site.
  2. Dentist opens the email and clicks on the link to Steve’s website.
  3. Steve then sends a follow-up right after they view their website asking if the dentist has any questions with the information on my site. (It’s kind of freaky! They will think you’re reading their mind.)

**Now if they didn’t open the email then Step 3 would go like this:

  • Steve’s sends a follow up asking if they had a chance to read my email. You already know they didn’t but of course you’re not going to say you’re spying on them! So you simply reiterate the original message.

You can currently sign up on their website for a no obligation, 7 day free trial. Here is what you get:

  • Detailed Information About Recipient
  • Trace Email Reading Chain – Full History of Email Reads and Forwards
  • Links and Attachments Tracking
  • Email, Web and SMS Text Notifications
  • Totally Invisible To Recipient, Unless You Decide Otherwise

What about the free email tracking services on the web?

I tried a few and the problem with all the free services is that my test messages kept going to the spam folder. A tracking service is pointless if your mail never reaches the recipient.

Do you have another program you can recommend? I’d love to hear it in the comment section below.

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