7 Practical Tips to Make Mobile Friendly Websites

mobile driving directionsHaving a mobile friendly website in the past was a simple perk that added value to consumers who were always on the go. Today business owners can no longer ignore the fact that we are now becoming a mobile world and it’s important that their presence is clearly visible anywhere and on anything.

Just recently Limelight Networks made a study and concluded that 80% of customers abandon a mobile website when they encounter difficulty navigating it. And since more and more sales are generated through the use of mobile devices, it’s a great loss for businesses who underestimate the importance of getting a mobile friendly website.

But enough with the stats and let’s get to what you can do to create a better mobile website. Whether you have a site or not, make sure to read the tips below!

  1. You can’t have it all
    One of the biggest mistakes that people do with their mobile website is filling it with all the information that can be found on their regular site. Remember that most mobile screens are built to display within 3 to 5 inches and too much information will create a cluttered mobile website that’s frustrating to navigate.

  2. God, I hate popups
    I’m not sure about you, but popups never work for me even on regular sites. I don’t think that there’s anyone on this planet who enjoys popups and who tells their friends how they discovered a site featuring an amazing popup.
    Get rid of it.

  3. Speed against showmanship
    We normally use our smartphones to find information when we are on the go. We use them because we want specific information as fast as we can get it. Pretty pictures are nice, but it can slow down your mobile website. If you want a real mobile friendly website, avoid a lot of large graphics and make it as sleek as possible. Use some cool CSS and mobile icons to make it visually appealing.

  4. Less is more
    More white space is nice to look at. Minimize as many design elements that you can and include only the most important information. Like Rule #1 don’t clutter it up and make it easy on the eyes. Remember we only have a small screen to work with so space things out nicely.

  5. Do not confuse your customers
    Branding is just as important on mobile websites as on your regular site. You can remove some design elements when creating a mobile site, but make sure that your mobile web design strictly follows the same elements to avoid confusion among your viewers. Keep the same colors, logo, and all other elements that your viewers are familiar with.

  6. Make it useful
    Before launching your mobile website, test it and ask yourself the following questions:

    • Is the most important content visible on the screen or does a user need to scroll down a ton to see it? (Minor scrolling is ok, we’re used to it. Not the type of scrolling that makes your fingers tired!)
    • Is the text readable without zooming in?
    • Are the links and buttons big enough to be clicked without difficulty?
    • Is your phone number and location address immediately visible? (For a killer directions script to add to your website check out, Mobile Driving Directions.)

    If you answered yes to the questions above then congrats! You have a super mobile friendly website and users will love it!

    If you have a tip then please add it below and we’ll add it to our list.

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