FREE Google Plus Cover Photo Image (PSD & PNG)

Google Plus just made some layout changes. The biggest improvement I see is that you can now have a Facebook Timeline like cover photo on your profile page. The dimensions of the image should be 940 X 180 pixels. Below are some creative ways to use your new ad spot (whoops I mean) image spot. :)

  • Display your website or brand logo.
  • Include a Call-to-Action somewhere in the image. Either your website address or a phone number.
  • Product Launch! Perfect spot to display a new product you’re launching.
  • Showcase a FREE offer or product you give away on your website.
  • Great place for a coupon or deal for your business.
  • Or just be creative and make it fun! Isn’t that what the web is all about?!

My Google Plus Cover Photo Image and the FREE Download

Below is my Google Plus Cover Photo Image (in order to fit it on this page I had to shrink it a bit). I included my logo and a new product I’m launching which is my Google Plus Ninja Tips ebook. Once I launch my ebook I will change that image and either put in something fun or use it for a new product launch.

google plus cover photo

Download Google Plus Cover Photos

If you have any questions comment below. Also show off your new profile picture!

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