Social Lead Freak Review and a KILLER Bonus!

social lead generationWhether you sell mobile websites, local seo, logo design or any other offline marketing service you need to generate leads in order to make sales (money). I have found a tool that will do this for you and does it quite well. It’s called Social Lead Freak and it kicks ass! It runs on Adobe Air and can be installed on either a mac or pc. You can log on with Facebook or Google+.


What it does is it pulls data from Facebook and Google+. The option that I like the most is pulling data from Google groups. Why is this so powerful? It’s powerful because you can extract the user ID’s of a Facebook group and target that specific niche! It works like this:

  1. You enter a keyword [business owners].
  2. It gives you a list of business owner groups.
  3. You can then see if the group is active and also how many members are in it. With one click you can export the data into a CSV file.

And that’s it! Take a look at SocialLeadFreak below and also use these two killer keywords when gathering data: [business owners and wedding photographers].

See how simple it is to pull leads! Why I’ve been looking for this is because I know that FB ads are very powerful but I really don’t like how you can’t focus on a specific group. You can target down to a certain demographics in FB but not to smaller groups like this. I was looking for a tool that did this and came across Social Lead Freak. I couldn’t resist and had to buy it right away!

The way I use it for my local SEO business is that I target specific groups. I might go after wedding photographers and create a FB ad just for them. I then pull the data from SLF and upload the CSV file to my campaign. I like using video so I’ll create custom video just for my photographer niche. People seem to love video and I’ve landing many clients by reaching out through video so I suggest you do the same. Since I’m only advertising to a small group of them my cost will be low. I make sure the ad is seen by them many times and have a better chance of getting them as a client.

Grab Social Lead Freak and start generating leads for your business today!

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