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Recently I was surfing around the internet looking at who knows what and I came across this free website monitoring tool. It was free so I thought that I’d give it a shot. What it does is check to see if your site is up and running every 5 minutes. If it doesn’t get a response it will check again for the next 3 minutes and then send an alert (if it’s offline).

—> Free Website Monitor Tool

I tested the monitoring tool with one of my websites and it worked great! I simply took my website offline by adding a XX to the domain name and waited 8 minutes. I setup my email and mobile phone to get alerts. You can also have it alert twitter. After 8 minutes I received the “website down” message. For a free tool I thought it was fantastic so I added a bunch of my other sites. I also setup my all my clients websites. You can add up to 50 URL’s for each account. Add this monitor to your toolbox and check out my resources page to see other useful tools I use.

Watch the Video to Setup Your Website Monitor

Hope you enjoy this one and comment below if you have any trouble.

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  • Thanks a bunch for this Steve!

  • Do like Uptime Robot a lot, and use it on many of my sites.  Only slight complaint – though it’s still far greater than most of tools out there – is you can only monitor 50 sites.  If you want to add more sites than this it means you need to try something like –  Also free I do rate both services highly!

    • Thanks for the link! I’ll check it out. 50 for most people would be fine but I see what you’re saying. My design site was down the other night and I received a text that it was offline. Then about an hour later another text that it was back online. Gotta love that!


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