Unfollow those Stinkers with Manage Flitter

manage filtter

It’s time to manage your twitter account and dump those stinkin unfollowers! I mean if they aren’t following you then they’ll never hear any of your tweets. So what’s the point in having them? It’s probably not the most twitteritically (politically) correct thing to say but it’s the truth. It’s something I like to do every month and I have this super easy tool to share with you all, Manage Flitter.

Manage Flitter is awesome! It’s a twitter tool that lets you unfollow those who aren’t following you. There is also the paid version that lets you follow and track users and if you have a growing twitter account, it could be very useful. But for this article I’m going to show you how to unfollow those stinkers with Manage Flitter. It can do all of these wonderful things:

  • Clean up and manage who you follow.
  • Find those who unfollowed you.
  • Follow new people to build your followers.
  • Use Analytics to understand Twitter.
  • Link Google+ to your Twitter account.

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3 Steps to Create a Mobile Icon

mobile icon
I recently discovered how easy it is to create a mobile icon for my mobile site. It literally takes 3 steps and about 5 minutes (or less). Smartphone users often bookmark sites they like and if they really like your site, they’ll create a mobile icon for their home screen. I suggest putting your logo or something they can recognize your site by. People don’t like to read. They like attractive images that they can associate your brand with. We use a star for our mobile web icon. It is simple and something that a user remembers our brand by. [click to continue…]

make over your facebook fanpage profile picture
A few months ago I realized that you could track mobile users in Google Analytics. It might sound crazy but I wasn’t aware of using google analytics for mobile traffic. If you’re a mobile web designer you might want to use this for potential clients. Show them their mobile stats (most sites have at least some type of mobile traffic) and inform them how a mobile site will make it easier for their users. When selling mobile sites it’s also good to tell clients that these mobile users can turn into paying customers. Us geeks think mobile sites are super cool but all businesses just want to make more money. [click to continue…]

make over your facebook fanpage profile picture
This article is short and sweet. I’m going to show you how to optimize your facebook fanpage profile picture. Why is your fanpage picture so small? It doesn’t have to be! It can be a rockin 180 pixels wide by 540 pixels high. Your fans eyes will first see your profile picture so take advantage of the full size. Improve your page or charge your client to optimize their Facebook fanpage. This bundled with a FB landing page makes a nice package. :)

Bonus! I found (link below) an amazing online image editor. I use Photoshop and Fireworks but I played around with this web image editor and it’s super easy to use. [click to continue…]

increase your mobile web speed
Mobile web speed is important. A mobile web user has a lot less patience then a web user. They want their information quick and if load time takes too long, they click the back button. It’s that simple. I recently came across 2 amazing tools that I’ve used to increase the speed of my mobile sites. I’ll explain both below. [click to continue…]

How to Generate QR Code in 9.1 Seconds!

how to generate qr code
Generating QR codes is a great tool to use for clients. You can either charge for them or give it to a prospect for free. Since I’m a mobile web designer most of my clients want QR codes and I usually include it in my packages. My new tactic is to include a free QR code with each email I send out (I’ll show you below how easy this is). The tool I’m going to review is 100% free and so simple that you’ll be able to generate a qr code in 9.1 seconds! (watch me do it against the stopwatch!)

How to Generate QR Codes

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Use Twitter SMS to Land Clients

sms twitter
I recently just came across a good tool you can include in your services, Twitter SMS. I like to offer this in an addition to my regular SMS services. It’s good to give your clients a good array of choices (but not too many) and see what fits best for their company. If you only design and sell mobile sites then you can create a free Twitter SMS account for their business. If you have a business yourself, use it for your own Twitter account! Follow the setups below to set it up, it’s super easy. First a few things if you’re a SMS noobie:

  • Shortcode: A shortcode is the number you text the keyword to. Example: “Text Pizza to 40404″ The shortcode here is 40404.
  • Keyword: The keyword is the word you text to the number (shortcode). In the example above the keyword is Pizza.

It’s time to rock Twitter SMS!

Setup SMS Twitter

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The Warrior Forum is a place where you can find great online and offline information. I’m fairly new to the Warrior Forum and wanted to really spice up my profile. Creating a Warrior Forum Signature was the first on my list. Since I love teaching others I figured I’d right a quick HOW TO on this. The major things I’m going to cover are:

  • Warrior Forum Signature (with keyword)
  • Create an Avatar Picture
  • Add Social Icons & Profile Details

Ok let’s get to the good stuff! [click to continue…]

detect mobile browserSo you want to redirect that shinny new mobile site? No problem! I’ll show you how to detect mobile browsers in a few simple steps. When I first started designing mobile sites, I searched for the easiest way to redirect my sites and found a lot of fluff. I played around with different scripts and then found gold. The script below will detect a mobile browser and is super easy to implement.

Enough talk, let’s get into the good stuff:

Detect Mobile Browser Script Instructions

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