Spice Up Your Warrior Forum Signature and Profile

The Warrior Forum is a place where you can find great online and offline information. I’m fairly new to the Warrior Forum and wanted to really spice up my profile. Creating a Warrior Forum Signature was the first on my list. Since I love teaching others I figured I’d right a quick HOW TO on this. The major things I’m going to cover are:

  • Warrior Forum Signature (with keyword)
  • Create an Avatar Picture
  • Add Social Icons & Profile Details

Ok let’s get to the good stuff!

Warrior Forum Signature

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Under User CP click Edit Signature.
  3. Type in a message here with a link to your site. I like to use a keyword in my link. My signature is:
    FREE Mobile Emulator – It rocks!
    Also get my FREE Email Template. Landed me 2 mobile sites the first time I used it!

  4. Click Save Signature and that’s it

Create an Avatar Picture

  1. In that same screen click on the Edit Avatar link under Settings & Options (Under Your Control Panel).
  2. Click Use Custom Avatar.
  3. Upload a picture of yourself (must be 80px X 80px). I recommend this because it makes your profile more personal. People like to see who’s behind the posts.

Add Social Icons & Profile Details

  1. Under the Control Panel click on Edit Your Details.
  2. Now fill in some of the good stuff here. I added my homepage, FB page, Twitter name, and where I live.
  3. Click Save Changes and you’re all set.

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