A Sitemap Tool That Google Loves and Costs $0

sitemap toolI’m not going to talk about what a sitemap is and why you need one. Some experts don’t believe in its importance but I listen to Google and they seem to like sitemaps (it has its own tab in Google’s Webmaster Tools!). And while we can hate Google for seemingly dictating what we need to do and what we can’t do, we have to accept that they dominate the land of Internet search. Let’s just say that they can take your website out of business at any time or they can take it to heights.

Google does not require you to but they do recommend it to website owners in order to help their robots learn about your pages and discover what they may have missed. In my opinion, it actually makes sense to make a sitemap and regularly submit it to Google. It is known to all of us that the Googlebot crawls the web by following links from one page to another. So if you have pages, and I’m sure you have, that are not linked properly or contain no link at all then there’s a chance that the bot may have missed it after it was published months or years ago.

The reason why some webmasters decide not to make a sitemap is because it is tedious. Especially if you are a strict WYSIWYG HTML Editor user you’ll find that making a sitemap is not as simple as it looks following . In fact, to say that it can blow your head is an understatement. I have to admit that I’ve had my own series of frustrations submitting sitemaps to Google. I’ve been in the Internet business for quite some time; running it alone and I thought that I could do everything by myself without any outside help. That’s until I found a need to make a sitemap.

Like you, I also tried different sitemap builders that were supposed to be “Google-friendly.” I have wasted hours and hours for every sitemap tool that I thought was good enough only to get an error after submitting it to Google. And then I found the golden sitemap tool – XML-Sitemaps.

I was a bit hesitant to try it at first because the template looks so simple. But since the sitemap tool promises to generate it within 5 minutes for free, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. After generating my sitemap on their website, I took the directions and loaded it on my server. I also submitted it on Google Webmaster Tools. I was expecting some bumps along the way, but to my surprise there weren’t any. It came without a single hitch. Brilliant!

Check it out XML-Sitemaps. It’s the best sitemap builder that has generated hundreds of positive testimonials coming from website owners. This sitemap builder has the ability to generate not only the xml sitemap but the text and html. With the use of XML sitemap tool, you’ll be able to check for broken links and have it fixed to make sure that all your pages are indexed properly which could lead to better ranking and more traffic. The free sitemap builder can crawl 500 pages. But if your site has more than that, you can try the premium service which would upload the sitemap for you and have it updated automatically, leaving you with more time to do what’s more important for your Internet business. Enjoy!

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