Use This Mobile Data Usage When Selling

The statistics are mind boggling! Mobile data usage will reach 120 billion gigabyte by 2017, according to ABI Research, with consumers using twice as much mobile data. The beauty is it will continue to grow year after year.

Let’s check out this annual report published by Comscore recently about the growing trend in mobile Internet usage:

mobile internet usage

Why is it important for us? Why do I keep on gathering statistics about mobile data usage? I know that I have just published another mobile web usage article recently and this may sound like repetition but these mobile stats can help us make sales! There is a HUGE opportunity out there for us to capitalize on the need to get each and every businesses website mobile. Also make sure to check out this amazing lead generation tool that I have been using.

Mobile Data Usage for the Retail Industry

Let’s take a look at the retail industry. Do you know that more than half of U.S smartphone users are using their phone to shop while inside a retail store (Comscore Mobile Future in Focus). What does it mean to retailers? It means that while customers are inside their store, conversion is still far away as their customers are still looking at other options and comparing what the store has to offer with their competitors. With this new shopping habit, retailers have to face the challenge of developing a strategy that will turn this kind of environment into their advantage. If they fail to address this change about how consumers are shopping nowadays and in the future, they will then face the risk of losing $$$.

It’s important to understand mobile Internet usage when selling mobile websites. What information does the customer look for when they go online using their mobile phone and what kind of activities do they take?

This is interesting:

mobile data usage

By looking at the statistics above, you will be able to determine the kind of mobile web design that will perfectly provide a great user experience, which will in turn brings more advantage to your client. Maybe add coupons on your client’s site so that customers can redeem them by showing their smartphone?

What if there isn’t a statistical report available?

Another way to determine a particular market’s mobile Internet usage is to make an educated guess by referring to some clues that can be found through analytics. Any website, especially ecommerce site, use analytics to see where the traffic is coming from. You can dive into those stats and look at certain keywords people are searching for. That might help you focus on the important stuff while designing a mobile website.

I have clients who own restaurants and their desktop website conveys the elegance that customers would feel once they visit the actual restaurant. Their website introduces their world-class chef, pictures of their restaurant’s interior designs and elegant images of their featured menus. While they want to translate that same feel on their mobile site, their analytics show that mobile users who access their mobile site use it for the following information:

  1. Direction/nearest location
  2. Phone number to call
  3. Reservation
  4. Menu
  5. Promos or important events

If you want to provide a great mobile user experience the above information should be placed on top of that mobile website. In fact, that’s the only information that a restaurant’s mobile site should have to ensure that the mobile site loads as fast as it should be.

You gotta love mobile stats!

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