What is SMS Marketing?

what is sms marketingBusiness experts are predicting that by 2013, more and more people will be using their mobile devices than their desktops. And by 2015, each person on earth will have a mobile device (Gartner, 2010; Google Mobile Optimization Webinar, 2011; Cisco, 2011). SMS marketing is becoming popular as the use of mobile devices continues to grow.

So what is SMS marketing and how does it work?

SMS means Short Message Service, otherwise known as text messaging. SMS marketing is the process of spreading a marketing message via text messages. An SMS marketing campaign involves the following steps:

  1. A mobile user receives a message that informs him or her about some benefits that he or she would receive upon texting a series of numbers or words. For example: Text Hawaii to 92843 for a chance to win a free trip to Honolulu.
  2. The user then sends a text message with the word Hawaii to 92843.
  3. That message is received by an SMS marketing company like AvidMobile who uses software to store the sender’s mobile phone number and automatically sends an acknowledgement message back to the sender.
  4. The list of mobile phone numbers are then to be used to announce the winner in the future and for another SMS marketing campaign.

An SMS marketing campaign works similarly as email marketing in which the goal is to collect contact information for future promos, events, or news. Since users take their mobile phones anywhere, a message is sure to reach its audience. And since an SMS message is short, there is a better chance that it will be read than a message sent through an email.

How to Start an SMS Marketing Campaign

There are marketing companies that have been in this business for so long. They can help you with your SMS marketing campaign, from setting up accounts to even sales training! Check out some of the big names in SMS marketing.

  • AvidMobile
    AvidMobile doesn’t simply provide the technology. Through their experience, they promise to bring you increased revenue, lead acquisition, and growth of customer bases. Their SMS marketing campaigns include Text-to- Win, Trivia, Survey, Text-to-Screen, Voting and Polling, and Auto-Responder.

  • LimeCellular
    LimeCellular provides an SMS platform that will allow you to create your own SMS marketing campaign with very little effort on your part. They promise to provide a simple interface which is super easy to use.

  • Trumpia
    Trumpia’s expertise includes SMS marketing, Email, and Social marketing. With the use of just one platform, you can reach your customers through any communication means they use. Their SMS marketing campaigns start by letting you choose your mobile keyword that best identifies your company or your campaign. When your audience sends that keyword to a short code provided by Trumpia, the autoresponder sends an acknowledgement message instantly while it stores the sender’s mobile phone number for your future SMS marketing campaign.

SMS marketing is a good fit for any mobile web designer who is looking to expand their business. The two go hand in hand. Have you had any experience with an SMS company? Please share below.

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